Ms Carmen De Souza is one of many practicing Lisbon lawyers located in Portugal. On 16/112016, Carmen De Souza composed a letter to Mr John S Diak, a consultant to our company - MX Properties, Inc. This letter was a clear demand / inducement letter which made clear that MX Properties, Inc must pay a certain sum of money so that funds it had been awaiting might finally be released. To provide some background to the situation, Mr John Diak had been working on the behalf of MX Properties for some time in an effort to supply MX with long term funding for its business. Mr Diak had been working out of his office in Lisbon for about seven months finishing the funding program for our company.

In the 16/11/2016 letter to Mr Diak, Carmen De Souza specifically demanded that $11000 be paid for "fees" so that its funds would be released. The letter was short but straight and to the exact point. It clearly required that money be paid and that upon receipt of the wire, MX Properties, Inc would "immediately" would receive a release of its funds. MX Properties was quite skeptical at first, however, seeing that the demand / inducement came from Ms De Souza, an officer of the court, MX felt that it was dealing with a reputable person with fine credentials and promptly wired $11000 to the coordinates provided by the attorney. During this period. John S Diak attested as to the integrity of attorney Carmen De Souza also.

Almost immediately after MX Properties wired the requested $11000 in the De Souza demand letter, Mr John S Diak received a follow up confirmation letter dated 18/11/2016  from her stating that "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments". Alas, MX Properties felt that its funds would finally be released! It was certainly our belief that the word "immediately" clearly implied "IMMEDIATELY". That point made, days became weeks and weeks became months with absolutely no release of MX funds. MX Properties commenced a continuous communication effort with Carmen De Souza to ascertain the status of the release of its funds. Sadly, Ms De Souza rebuffed all attempts by MX to simply be even courteous and provide any type of update.

MX Properties, Inc simply requests that Carmen De Souza see to it that its funds finally be released after such a horrific six week period. MX has consistently shown good faith from the very moment that attorney De Souza made her initial demand for funds in her 16/11/2016 letter. We ask the same good faith be show in return. 

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Other Recent Troubling Events --

Over the past several weeks, individuals not known to MX Properties, Inc have been sending threatening emails to the company which we find to be totally baseless. MX Properties has emphatically warned these individuals to immediately cease this form of libelous activity waged against it. At this point, MX cannot release the identity of these people because none of these individuals were identified in either of Carmen De Souza's demand / inducement letters. MX Properties only response to this harassment is to strongly state that it acted in complete good faith at all times and fully complied with Carmen De Souza's 16/11/2016 letter.